Personal Invitation

This is your personal invitation to join me on a cruise! Yes, a cruise. No, not on an ocean liner, but a cruise through the uncharted waters of new curriculum and new homeschool products. I will be your private first mate, providing you with an exclusive first glimpse at new products and giving you tips on how best to utilize them in your homeschool. Remember the reviews I posted for The Old Schoolhouse Planner and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, online edition? Those were the maiden voyage. Now I’m officially a member the TOS Crew! What does that mean? It means that The Old Schoolhouse chose me to be part of its Focus Marketing Group for the next nine months or so. Numerous of homeschooling companies will send me NEW and COOL products to try out and keep! My task will be to review each product thoroughly and to get those reviews out to as many people as possible. I’m very excited about being able to check out new homeschooling curriculum and, as you know, I always have an opinion! Please feel free to comment on my reviews, to ask questions about a product, or to pass on the reviews to fellow homeschoolers you know would benefit from a particular item. I will be posting my reviews here on “Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom,” so be sure to check back often for the latest homeschool product reviews. I’ll still be posting organizational tips occasionally though. Reading my blog is your ticket for our fabulous cruise through the uncharted waters of new homeschool products.

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