The Little Man in the Map Review

The Little Man in the Map, by E. Andrew Martonyi, illus. by Ed Olson, Schoolside Press

“Geography that’s fun to learn and easy to remember!” Really? Yes, really! The Little Man in the Map uses cute rhyming stories with coordinating pictures to help kids remember the placement of the states.

WOW!!!!!! My kids knew basically where some of the states are (such as the one in which we live and the ones in which the grandparents live), but certainly not the location of every state. When I first saw The Little Man in the Map, I thought it would be too immature for my kids (ages 10 and 13) since it’s written in a cartoon style. My 10 year old snatched it right out of my hands, then returned twenty minutes later with the location of every state memorized! It even passed my 13 year old’s “coolness” test. Wait! There’s more! Schoolside Press’s Web site offers 2 FREE coloring pages to download. They also offer a large (38 x 22 in.), colorful wall map for $21.95 to reinforce the state names and go along with the book.

If you are teaching United States geography, go straight to the Schoolside Press Web site to purchase The Little Man in the Map! It is worth every penny of the $19.95 you’ll spend.

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