Piano for Preschoolers

From the time I learned how to walk, every time I walked by the piano I would give a few of the keys a little plink. I never pounded or banged on the keys (right, Mom?). I begged and begged my parents to let my play it until my dad finally gave in and started me on a beginning piano book. I’ve been playing, performing, and teaching the piano for more than thirty years now.
That’s fine for people who have a little music background and a piano in the living room. If you have neither and can’t afford a live teacher and a real piano, but your little ones are begging to make music, KinderBach has the solution for you.
KinderBach Learning Center offers online piano lessons for young children through Web video, printable activity pages, interactive games, and unique piano karaoke songbook participation. KinderBach is preschool piano lessons, music for young children at their level of understanding. KinderBach presents music using the piano keyboard (or a small, cheap keyboard) as the base instrument to maximize the beneficial effects on the growth and development of young kids. Children love the engaging teacher, and cute characters make learning easy. Parents love how easy it is for their children to learn music theory as well as how to play the piano (or keyboard).
With KinderBach, you can choose the learning path that is best for you. KinderBach offers online sessions, DVD lessons, or curriculum for early childhood classes. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee just in case you’ve got a budding Picasso instead of a blossoming Mozart.

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