Molly to the (Economic) Rescue!

Everyone wants to save money these days, but do you struggle, as I sometimes do, knowing where to cut corners? Are you looking for innovative ways to save money? Molly to the rescue! Molly’s Money-Saving Digest for February is packed chock full of practical tips you can do to prepare for the coming spring, as well as pragmatic ideas you can use now. I love to plan and am eager to try the homemade cleaners and repurposing suggestions. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea, curl up in your favorite chair, and get ready to chat with Molly about the basics, gardening (yes, in winter!), homemade cleaners, and an inspiring story of a family who set a big goal and achieved it. Here’s a convicting quote from their story: “Experience has shown us that, as much as many people say they want to do something, very few are actually willing to meet whatever grubby, everyday challenges need to be met in order to actually move toward the goal.” So, the question is how much money do you really want to save?

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest for February 2009 is coming soon to The Old Schoolhouse Store (use the store link on the right side of my blog). Check out Molly’s Web site at www.econobusters.com for more money-saving tips.

1 thought on “Molly to the (Economic) Rescue!”

  1. Hi Bethany– where in NC are you? I am in NC too– in Charlotte! Nice to \”meet\” you. Have you checked out Karen Ehman's book \”The Complete Guide To Getting And Staying Organized?\” She is a homeschool mom and that's a great book!


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