Math Tutor DVDs Review

“Caution: The use of this DVD will cause increased understanding of basic math word problems and will lead to higher grades.” This warning is on the front of Math Tutor’s DVDs and I love it!

Many of the issues we encounter trying to solve math problems stem from trying to convert words to math symbols. It seems like getting the problem set up properly is half the battle. The Math Tutor DVDs take those sticky word problems and teach your students how to solve them step by step. They are not affiliated with any particular math curriculum, which means that they work with all types of math curricula. My fifth grader viewed some of “The Basic Math Tutor Word Problem Tutor” DVD (an eight-hour video course). While she found each session to be a bit long for her (admittedly short) attention span, she did find the explanations to be helpful. “The Algebra 2 Tutor” (a six-hour video course) had my ninth grader saying “ah ha!”
These two DVDs are $26.99 each and are part of a nearly twenty-course lineup. Since math is one of my weaker subjects, I am thrilled to add the Math Tutor DVDs to my bookshelf. Go ahead. I dare you: order the Math Tutor DVDs and watch your children’s math comprehension and grades soar.

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