Five in a Row Grows Up!

Five in a Row grows up! If you and your children loved the Five in a Row series as much and my girls and I did, you will be thrilled with Beyond Five in a Row. Your children will immerse themselves in great literature—two fiction books and two non-fiction books in each volume.
Instead of reading each book five times in a row for a week and having the same academic activities each week, you will read a chapter (or so) at a time and do activities relating to each chapter. New, fun, and exciting exercises include internet, drama, career path, fine arts and cooking activities, and thoughtful essay questions. Many lessons on history, geography, science, and language arts are also covered. You can read the books out loud together, or your children can read on their own since chapter summaries are included. Each book is a unit study and is great for multiple children learning together. Simply add math, grammar, spelling, and handwriting and you’re done with your lesson planning.
Each volume of Beyond Five in a Row is designed to last for a whole semester and costs $24.95. These delightful titles are covered in Volume Two: Sarah, Plain and Tall, The Story of George Washington Carver, Skylark, and Helen Keller. Instill a love of literature that will last a lifetime with Beyond Five in a Row.

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