ARTistic Pursuits

ARTistic Pursuits is for you if your children (or you) want to incorporate art into your homeschool day, but you don’t have time for preparations. ARTistic Pursuits is for you if you want your children to learn art theory along with drawing and color theory. ARTistic Pursuits is for you if you don’t want to make trips to the library to see color reproductions of master artwork. And, ARTistic Pursuits is for you if you want your kids to love art. Did I cover everyone? Every homeschool needs a grade-appropriate level of ARTistic Pursuits to round out its academics.
We test drove the book for Grades 4–6 Book Two, Color and Composition. Drawing books abound, but curriculum that thoroughly teaches color theory with real-life projects and American art are much harder to find. My favorite feature was the full-color reproductions of real art included right in the text. The author uses American art to illustrate each principle of color and composition per unit. She then points out the specific technique—no guessing. A short biography of the artist is included as well. My fifth grade daughter’s favorite feature was the use of fun items (stuffed animals and action figures) to compose still-life settings.
Each ARTistic Pursuits book is non-consumable and covers several grade levels, which makes it very affordable at $42.95 each (plus s/h). The art supplies recommended can be found easily at discount supply stores. The author gives a suggested schedule, but of course, you are free to adapt it to your family’s needs. Happy coloring!

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