WriteShop Primary Book A Review – An Early Start for Writing

How do I teach my little ones to write without frustration—for them and for me? I’m so glad you asked! WriteShop has just finished a new curriculum designed for kindergarteners through third graders that is just as helpful and amazing as their other products.

WriteShop Primary Book A will help you plan the lessons to fit the ability of your children; it will give you creative ideas for teaching the lessons; it will provide fun worksheets to get your kids’ excited about writing. The WriteShop Primary series is a non-threatening way to get your children to develop a love for writing early. Several different planning scenarios are provided for slower, younger tracks and for faster, older tracks. Also, many lessons provide additional or alternative lessons for Smaller Steps or Flying Higher to further personalize the curriculum. The activity worksheets are an integral part of the program, and your kids will enjoy having something to show Dad when he gets home from work. Even though my youngest child is in fifth grade and is able to write adequately (when she puts her mind to it), she enjoyed our adaptation of the “You’re the Star” lesson and happily wrote several sentences on each star I had precut.

The WriteShop Primary Book A Teacher’s Guide is $26.95 (plus s/h) for the printed version and $24.25 for the e-book version. The printed version of the Activity Set Worksheet Pack is $4.95 (plus s/h) and the e-book version is $4.50. All are reproducible and reusable. The e-book versions provide instant gratification and are easy to download and store on your computer or a portable drive. I prefer the printed version since I would not be able to print the entire thing for the difference in price. It’s also easier to see the entire scope and sequence and to get a feel for how it all works with an actual print version. Whichever version you choose, you are sure to be pleased with the product and the result. The WriteShop Primary series will produce happy, competent writers, which will produce happy moms.

2 thoughts on “WriteShop Primary Book A Review – An Early Start for Writing”

  1. Thanks for sharing the info! I know Esme's a little young for this at 2yo, but we just started a \”journal\” with her (she scribbles and tells me what it is, or picks a colored marker or puts stickers on the day's page), and I'm looking for other ideas to build her interest.


  2. Let me just say, if you are homeschooling primary aged kids, GET THIS MATERIAL!I didn't. And it's too late now! I wish I had. So if you do, then at least I will feel like I contributed to someone else NOT making the same mistake I did!I thought I could teach writing ad hoc, since I was already teaching spelling and grammar, but it doesn't work that way. I've worked through Write Shop secondary for my older daughter, and we're working on it for my younger one now, too, but I do wish I had started earlier!Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!


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