E & F on HOTM’s The A to Z’s All About You!

Heart of the Matter continues the All About You series with letters E and F. Come on over and join the fun! Here are my answers: This one is EASY! I’ve got a daughter named EMILY and another one whose middle name is ELIZABETH. My kids rode an ELEPHANT once and I’ve been to FLORIDA once. I like to have FUN and I think FAMILIES are FANTASTIC! My FAITH is not quite as ENERGETIC as it should be. I am ENTERTAINED by FINDING EGREGIOUS ERRORS since I am an EDITOR. I wish the FOUNTAIN of youth was real, but I’ll settle FOR an occasional ESCAPE. I’m FASTIDIOUS, but not very FLEXIBLE. I’m with Jessica & her chores. I ESPECIALLY like to EAT. Click here to check out others’ answers and to leave your own! Leave me a message to let me know that you’re joining in the FUN!

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