How to Reach Your full Potential for God – review

Have you ever felt like there should be more to life? Have you ever felt like you could do more with your life, but you didn’t know how? Charles F. Stanley’s new book, How to Reach Your Full Potential for God, will exhort you never to settle for less than God’s best for your life. How do you know if you’ve just settled in life? Dr. Stanley tells you. If you think you’ve got too many hurdles to overcome, Dr. Stanley addresses each and every one of them. He also gives you a solid biblical look at yourself the way God sees you: created by God and full of potential. Essential to reaching your full potential are a clean heart, a clear mind, using your gifts, a healthy body, right relationships, a balanced schedule, and taking God-approved risks.

With his inimitable, exegetical style, Dr. Stanley doesn’t just tell his readers to do better. He defines those essentials, tells us why we need them, and how to reach them. I liked his real-life examples, practical suggestions, and Bible verses to back up every premise. This book is your lifeline if you’re floundering in the sea of complacency.

I’m a member of Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program and they provided me with a complimentary copy of this book to review.

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