Super-Duper Giveaway

It’s finally here! The super-duper giveaway that I used to bribe y’all to come follow my NEW BLOG URL! I’ve decided not to post more content on the old url so as not to confuse people. I will, however, post titles and redirect people over here to my NEW BLOG URL for a while.

Anyway, now for the good stuff. I am giving away a brand new Brother PT70BM LABELER!! It’s the same brand that I have, but a different model number. Check out the specs here. Since I love my labeler so much, I figured it might help y’all be more organized, whether you homeschool or not. Look for a “(X Number of) Ways to Use a Labeler” post coming soon to help you use your new toy.

Here’s the 4-1-1:
1. You must leave a comment on THIS POST (not FB or email) with your name (you don’t have to put your last name) and a way to contact you by 6 p.m. EST on Wednesday.
2. Enter again for blogging, Twittering, or Facebooking (up to one time for each) about my contest (be sure to tell me where you posted).
2. Pretty please follow my NEW BLOG URL (just click “follow” to the right and give yourself another entry here if you’re a new follower)
3. Don’t enter if you’ve won something from me this year already.
4. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced Thursday morning right here as well as contacted privately.
5. Best wishes!
6. My bad for not adding this earlier: I am sorry to say that I am not able to ship to non-U.S. addresses. I am very sorry!

36 thoughts on “Super-Duper Giveaway”

  1. I've subscribed to follow you on the google reader. I hope you are allowing international entries, if not, I'm still following your blog anyway!


  2. That looks really cool–I've never used a labeler, but I would love to! You didn't mention who (what countries) this contest is open to, but I do have a US address and will be there next week!


  3. Ohhh… I would LOVE a labeler! Not only could I use it to label my many boxes of school supplies, but I could label the stuff in my house for my boys who are learning latin!!! Thanks for giving one away! I hope I win. :Dhopsgirl74@hotmail.com


  4. I would love a labeler. I used to use one all the time, but it was for work. I wish I had it hear to help organize all the little one's stuff. I'm from the Crew and you can reach me at my email scysgrl at gmail dot com


  5. I just signed up to follow your blog at the new addy. I would love to be entered in your give away- I don't have a labeler yet but would love one!Jodi-Mariejodi@dandrehmer.us


  6. I had a label-maker when I was a kid, but I'd LOVE one like this now! What a handy-dandy homeschool mom \”toy\”. :)Heidi & you have my e-mail!


  7. What an awesome give-away!! I've scheduled an advertisement of your blog on Reflections and at my own blog for tomorrow and I'll post on FB tomorrow too. I was going to do it anyway, of course, but hey, now that I've left a comment I can be entered into your drawing!


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