Help Me Write a Book

Would you like to see a lot of the great organizing tips in one helpful book format? Great, me too! In order to make it the most helpful for you, my faithful readers, I’d like to get your feedback on some specifics.

These are the current topics I have slated. Am I missing anything vital?
1. Getting Started Organizing
2. Setting Up a Physical Space
3. Top Tools of Homeschool Organization
4. More Tools of the Trade
5.  Taming the Paper Monster
6. Setting Up a Binder System
7. Setting Up a Filing System
8. Organizing Computer Files
9. Demystifying Portfolios
10. Creating Portfolios
11. Planning for the Long Haul
12. Scheduling for the Overcommitted
13. Keeping It Organized

What is the perfect number of pages per chapter to read for a how-to book?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions for y’all soon, but if you could PLEASE help me out now by leaving me some comments, I would really appreciate it!

Guess my original post on this topic got lost in the shuffle right before Christmas because I didn’t get any feedback! So, I’m rerunning it in hopes of garnering some comments.

9 thoughts on “Help Me Write a Book”

  1. Keeping attendance / logging hours!!!creating a portfolio – for areas that need to turn in a portfolio of their work. ARTWORK might need it's own chapterLibrary books On the go – a chapter about packing a bag for a trip?these are just some ideas.


  2. ok- i'll comment after a bit of brainstorming- but i wanted you to know that i have nominated you for an award- check me out at Adventurez In Child'Rearing'love the tips- keep it upi'm following you on google friend- will you follow back?


  3. like the layout for your book so far!maybe a section for resources & products that are affordable and work really well(great/ or inexpensive binders)(containers from the container store- or whatever else you have found that works) (using recycled things to contain clutter)there is no \”magic number\” for chapter pages as long as the content is relevant and interesting!Good Luck!I have written for several magazines & done special columns for newspapers- writing is good for the soul!


  4. what papers to keep? i always toss their stuff, i hate having clutter (except my own of course ). But, i wonder if maybe i should be keeping some treasured school work???


  5. The Flylady has a great book out (IMHO) and you could probably look at the layout there and see how she did it. It's more on organizing time for cleaning and such.


  6. Perhaps organizing long term for homeschooling preschoolers to upper elementary to highschool without straying too much from the curriculum path that is the most successful for a particluar family (?) Not sure how to formulate that but I'm sure YOU will! 🙂


  7. I think about 20 pages per chapter is good. For me I need to get in a chapter between the chaos.I like really step-by-step and illustrations too. I like what you have going so far!


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