Igniting a Life of Generosity (devotional review)


Chris McDaniel, author of Igniting a Life of Generosity, picks up where he left off in Dying to Give. He writes to make giving a way of life for anyone who reads this little booklet of devotionals. In just 21 days, you’ll read real-life stories, Scripture, and applications that will ignite your desire to be a generous giver. These compact devotions each have questions designed to help you think through that day’s thoughts. There’s room to write in the book, or you could journal your thoughts separately. McDaniel takes the reader through the logical steps of asking what exactly God is trying to tell you about giving, what you’re supposed to do with that information, and how to go about it.

I especially appreciated the personal stories in every devotion. They made the whole idea of generosity real, not just some abstract, additional thing I’m supposed to do occasionally. Igniting a Life of Generosity is not a plea or a guilt trip. It doesn’t even suggest which organization or person should be the recipient of your generosity. ECFA makes it easy to purchase this book in blocks of 5 or 30 to pass out to church members, study groups, or friends.

Disclosure: ECFA sent me this book for free in exchange for a review, but the opinions expressed are my own.


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