Women of Faith Conference ~ Imagine in Charlotte



AH.MA.ZING!! That’s the short version of my first-ever WoF experience. Since y’all are probably looking for something a little more substantial, here goes.

Real women. Real lives. Real encouragement. Sometimes when I read books by well-known authors, hear messages by well-known speakers, or tap my toes with well-known musicians, I can’t imagine that any one of them could relate to my life. The Women of Faith team broke that misconception within the first five minutes. They wear Spanx, think a vacation is behind a locked bathroom door, and tweet while their friends are talking. They’re just like me!

These women shared openly about not only the great things God is doing through them, but also the not-so-great circumstances that brought them to this point. I can relate to their stories—I’ve lived some of them. That makes it so much easier for me to relate to their testimonies of God’s intervention, grace, and mercy in their lives. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

God is the maker of laughter. ~ Ken Davis

YOU matter to God ~ Lisa Harper

God takes us to the places we fear the most, but He’s right there with us. ~ Sheila Walsh

Like the lost sheep, it’s not your job to get yourself home; it’s the Shepherd’s job. ~ Sheila Walsh

Interview your anger. ~ Nicole Johnson

Our families will remember the story we’re writing with our lives. We only have one change to write it. ~ Karen Kingsburyme with KK

Never give up on the characters in our lives. ~ Karen Kingsbury

Enjoying the world will improve it. ~ Luci Swindoll

Nobody told me I couldn’t do it. ~ Luci Swindoll

Along with the tears cam plenty of laughs. And I’m not talking about just the two comedians, although I started laughing before Ken Davis even opened his mouth!

Can we sing some Queen? ~ Luci Swindoll to MaryMary (The 3 of them actually sang a beautiful acappella rendition of “Amazing Grace.”)

I love the New Testament Psalms. ~ Sheila Walsh

Everybody wants to be near the fun. ~ Luci Swindoll

I needed to laugh; I needed to cry; I needed to be found by the Shepherd. Another lesson I learned: black boots go with everything. Smile

Thanks, Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze blogger program, for generously providing me with 2 tickets to be renewed and to take a friend. Women of Faith’s Imagine event in Charlotte (Sept. 2011) was more than I imagined it would be.

If you have an opportunity to attend a Women of Faith event, go!


2 thoughts on “Women of Faith Conference ~ Imagine in Charlotte”

  1. WOW! That sounds wonderful! I would love to hear Karen Kingsbury speak. I love her books. Thank you for sharing the quotes, I felt inspired just reading them. I look forward to reading more from your blog. Thanks for sharing your world and wisdom with us!


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