Louisa, book and reading guide review

Louisa is the story of a young, African-American girl who was taken from her family and native country as a young girl. Her inspiring story includes details of learning to read, write, and speak English in her new Boston home. She eventually became an internationally known poetess and gained her freedom. Louisa is loosely based on the life of African-American poetess Phillis Wheatley.

The novel is inspiring and touching. Written from a first-person point of view, the book enables younger readers to relate to Louisa’s feelings and escapades. Set during the late 18th century, it adds real-life depth to American history and evangelical studies. 

The Resource Book for Louisa: A Guide for Teachers provides everything homeschool or classroom teachers need to make this a full unit study. Included are journal writing prompts, thought questions, worksheets, projects, vocabulary, a test, teaching tips, and background information. Although not stated, the grade range looks to be about 5-8. The resources are thorough enough to pick and choose, yet not too overwhelming. There’s a good variety of projects for writers and those who hate to write.

Hurry on over to Parson Place Press and purchase your set today! The novel would make a great Christmas present.

Disclaimer: Parson Place Press sent me a complimentary copy of Louisa and The Resource Book for Louisa for me to review. The opinions expressed are my own though.

1 thought on “Louisa, book and reading guide review”

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