Computers and Our Homeschool

CurrClick has a new blog! And, they’ve announced that Mondays are great for blog hopping and this┬áMonday is great for giveaways! Since I’m all about giveaways, I’m entering their blog hop. Besides, since CurrClick carries my line of e-books (check them out!), I figured I’d advertise their new blog.

So, this week’s prompt is how we use computers in our homeschool. I’ll start by saying that we own FOUR laptops–1 for each person in our family! My high schooler uses hers pretty much non-stop, while my 7th grader uses hers a few times throughout the day. I’m on mine pretty much all day as the teacher, as an MA student (English, from ECU in a few years), and as an editor (freelance–my other job). Computers are both a blessing and a bane, depending on how well they’re behaving :-).

Q4U: How do you use computers in your homeschool?