The Midlife Faith Group!

Midlife Faith is a group for Christian women who are looking for encouragement and hope in the hard stuff of life – adult (ish) children, the (nearly) empty nest, aging parents, job transitions, divorce, church challenges, health issues, and more. Midlife Faith is for women who are in their 40s-65s (ish!) and wondering how to navigate this new stage in their lives. We’re all about pointing others to Jesus and speaking positively into each others’ lives. I’ll be sharing my weekly (ish) encouraging blog posts and other resources. This will be a PRIVATE group on *Facebook, so members can share comfortably. 

Let me know if you want an invitation, or search for the Midlife Faith group on Facebook!

*If you’re exiting Facebook in favor of other social media platforms, you can arrange your settings to open immediately to this group instead of your own page.


I’m just a girl who’s been through a lot of life, trying to process it all. Maybe I can help you on your journey through life, too! If you’re looking for biblical encouragement and hope through your hard stuff, check out my blog and sign up for my emails (see below)!

My mission is to walk with Christian women through the hard places of midlife toward the redemption and hope found in grace, forgiveness, and authenticity. 

Help for Homeschoolers

… and those who are reluctantly schooling from home in this season of life is right here! With 14 years of experience and 2 successful graduates under my belt, I’m refreshing and republishing my homeschool organization materials to help you. Click on the Homeschool tab above (more content being added frequently, so check back often)!

The first eBook in the Simple Homeschooling Series is NOW AVAILABLE: Get Organized! It’s 14 pages jam-packed with practical tips to get your school space up and running TODAY!

My original homeschooling book, Simple Organization for Homeschools, is also available to order! You can get either the paperback or Kindle version on Amazon.

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