High school or college English woes? Let me help! I can focus on SAT or ACT test prep, college application essays, or general high school or college writing skills. I’ll also do a grammar skills diagnostic quiz to see which concepts we need to focus on. Reading comprehension and literary analysis skills can also be a central topic, especially with AP Language. Need help figuring out how to format a paper in MLA, APA, or Chicago (Turabian)? I’ve got you covered. I’ll teach your student all the shortcuts and helpful resources to be a successful academic writer as well. Message or email me to set up a free phone consultation to discuss your student’s individual needs.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

NOW is the time to start preparing for the SAT or ACT! I can give individualized attention and practice, provide helpful test-taking tips to minimize test-taking anxiety, help create a realistic study schedule, and set up with targeted practice on Khan Academy—for all subjects covered on standardized tests. My focus areas for teaching and tutoring, however, are the reading, language, writing, and essay portions of the tests. Don’t wait until your test date is a week away; book your study sessions now!

I offer individual sessions at Sweetwaters Cafe or Panera, both in Indian Land, starting at $50/hour. I will come to your home for $55/hour. I also offer group introductory sessions for the college application essay, the SAT essay, and the ACT essay, which include specific steps, tips, and tricks for the target test. Group sessions offered for 5-10 students at $200 for 1.5-2 hours. 

My Credentials

  • Master of English Degree
  • Former College English Professor
  • Former AP English Language Teacher
  • Certified and Experienced High School Teacher
  • 14-year Homeschool Teacher Veteran
  • Current Professional Editor and Writer
  • Published Author

Process for Working with New Students

I like to meet the student and his/her parent to discuss the most-needed areas of improvement. It’s helpful to review some writing samples if any are available. Then I formulate a plan for the next few sessions. Usually, the first session also includes a grammar diagnostic assessment or a basic reading strategy.


Booking, Changing, and Canceling Policy

  • Book or change a session a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • Day-of cancelation/no show: pay in full, then next time, pay in advance. If you cancel more than once, your preferred time slot is no longer my priority. 
  • Day of, expect a text to confirm the time and location.

What’s Included with Each Hour-Long Session

  • My pre-planning time
  • My full attention on your student
  • Recommended websites
  • Recommended materials
  • Copies as needed
  • Personalized recommendations for study schedules
  • Occasional homework to reinforce concepts unless you request none

Other Information

  • You get out what you put in. The amount of your effort will equal the amount of your success.
  • This is my business; I expect you to treat it as such. 
  • I cannot guarantee that your student’s test scores will rise a certain percentage or number of points.

Contact me NOW via email or social media