Pantry Pointers

I’ve got a guest post over at the Reflections in Hindsight blog today. April Gardener invited me to write an article for her Homemaking Wednesday. She is the author of the upcoming book Wounded Spirits, book 1 in The Creek Country Saga. Head on over there to discover how you can get “The Perfectly Organized Pantry in 5 Easy Steps.”

Q4U: What’s your best pantry-organization tip?

2 thoughts on “Pantry Pointers”

  1. One thing…or maybe several that I use…cans on set of shelves. Boxes on another. The same kinds are grouped together (ie: boxes of brownies, cakes, etc together; stuffing, rice-a-roni, etc together). In my freezer, I have the breakfast shelf, chicken/fish shelf, beef shelf, and vegi's in the basket/drawer at the bottom. Butter in the door.I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂


  2. My best pantry organization tip is to group all the soups and beans together on one shelf. The cereals and pancake mixes go on a seperate shelves. So who's pantry is in the above picture? Looks like all the ravioli cans are together 🙂


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