Calendars 103

Have you bought your 2011 calendar yet? If not, stop reading this blog post. Go buy a wall calendar, a purse calendar, a desk calendar, a family fridge calendar, refills for your Day Timer, whatever you use. Right now! Yes, really! Then come straight back. Now are you ready?

First, make sure you have your current calendar beside the new one. Then, go through and add in all the birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, and holidays. Use a pen for all these dates. Next, find all those scraps of paper stuffed under the couch cushions and scribbled on the edges of the old calendar that have the events scheduled for this coming year. Write all these events in your new calendar. Use a pencil for these events. That way if there are last minute changes, you won’t have a scribbled out mess on your calendar. Be sure to update all your calendars (including the family one on the fridge) every time you make a change.

The next most important tip is to use your calendar FAITHFULLY! Never commit to an appointment without consulting your calendar. Train your children (and hubby!) to do the same thing. Don’t forget to write down each and every new event right away, otherwise you’re likely to forget about it.

Here comes the fun part! Let me tell you about my favorite products. My absolute favorite calendar organizational item is my Blackberry (it goes EVERYWHERE with me and syncs with my Google calendar, too). I realize not everyone wants one of those (or could have one), but it’s what I use. My next favorite tool is a monthly, magnetic, dry-erase calendar by Boone (bought at Wal-Mart). Each week is a separate magnet, so we can always see ahead for an entire month ahead of where we are. All family appointments, classes, and other events go onto that calendar. Each family member has his or her own color marker to designate personal events. Each child also has her own small student calendar, and I am training them to put long-term homework assignments as well as schedules into these. We also have a few wall calendars by our desks, mostly for long-term reference.

If you aren’t visiting with family or friends, New Year’s Day is a great time to make the official transfer from the old calendar to the new calendar. See, I’ve given you a whole extra day to go buy your calendars!

Q4U: What’s your best calendar organizing tip? What’s your favorite type of calendar? (Oops, that’s 2 questions.)

(Yep, this is a repost, but why reinvent the wheel?)

10 thoughts on “Calendars 103”

  1. Bethany, my iPhone is my organizational LIFE…. my whole calendar is on it, and I set alerts for the most important events. My kids each have a calendar, too – and I want to be more intentional about having them use them faithfully. Thanks for this post!


  2. I don't do well with online or iPod calendars, I don't know why. Maybe I need a \”why this is good to use instead\” post. At 32 I see so many people older than me using those things like mad to schedule, I just don't get it. I have a calendar below my keyboard that also houses internet passwords for less important sites. I have a wall calendar, fridge calendar (which sounds like yours), one in my purse, and my homeschool planner. Luckily, I don't have a lot going on outside the house, and don't have to update them very often!


  3. Calendar organizing tip:If using a wall calendar when planning the year ahead, use mini sticky notes for things which may need to be flexible so you can easily move them around!My favorite calendar is my homemade planner, which I will be describing in a blog post soon!Shelleyestablishedways.blogspot.com


  4. I prefer a wall calendar, especially the type with columns for each family member. With 7 of us, I split the last column or two for the youngest since they have less to plan. After reading your post, I'm going to try using Google calendar too.


  5. I just got a droid and I am loving having access to my google calendar. I know it will help me out a lot in the coming year. I haven't gotten a planner yet, but that is on my list for this week. I am starting to plan for the new school year and getting really excited about it! Thanks for joining in on the Hip Homeschool Hop!


  6. I love the sticky note idea so much that I just went and stuck them on my calendar for all the dates I just don't know yet (homeschool conference, vacation, hubby's meetings).I have used the More Time Moms calendar for at least three years, but basically, any extra large calendar with extra large spaces is what I use for the family schedule. I use google calendar to keep track of some school stuff (my preschooler's curriculum has 40 weeks, and several involve holidays, so they need to be moved around out of order) I love that google calendar will e-mail me a reminder of where I am supposed to be!


  7. Did that on Monday!! A wall calendar with pretty pictures (this is year is Italy themed) is a gift I get every Christmas!! I keep it in my \”calendar drawer – which also holds dry cleaning receipts, mail to read, things to mail out, etc. One drawer devoted to my family's comings and goings!! ps. good thing there is an edit – almost forgot to mention i am a hip homeschool hop! first timer. 🙂


  8. I've just done 2011! I love my MS Works Calendar. I create one for my birthdays and anniversaries and print it out. It has big blocks for each day so I can write absolutely everything in it – from rain fall (we're farmers), to visitors, blog submissions and my high schooler's exam schedule. I create a blank calendar for the younger kids and schedule activities, projects and ideas on it. Everyone is trained to consult the calendar and pencil in important information. I've scaled my filofax down to a really small version and keep monthly planners there. I print these out each year and pencil in my appointments when I'm out. I think that I may eventually put everything on my cell phone, but I'm old fashioned and love to see things on paper. It feel so good to be ready for the New Year. Blessings to you for 2011!


  9. I have a calendar in my purse – it has the monthly and weekly calendars in it, and a nice calendar on the wall, that is located where everyone will see it. I also have the calendar that is part of the windows e-mail, so when I check my e-mail, events are right there on the same page. I keep all three updated.


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