Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

*Grunt* I’m Body Bob. Here’s what I’m like: People displaying bodily-kinesthetic intelligence can “use one’s body in highly differentiated and skilled ways, for expressive as well as goal-directed purposes,” (Gardner 1993, pg. 206). You may recognize them as the boys with ants in their pants or the girls who dance from room to room. 

How I Learn Best


When teaching me, your objectives should be to incorporate the whole body and hands-on experiences such as the following:

  • Build
  • Act
  • Touch
  • Feel
  • Dance
  • Move

I want to . . .

  • do hands-on learning
  • act in dramas
  • dance
  • participate in sports
  • do tactile activities
  • take field trips
  • make crafts

I like to use . . .

  • building tools
  • clay
  • sports equipment
  • manipulatives
  • gestures

Use these techniques to assess my learning:

  • Making 3-D maps and dioramas
  • Pantomiming roles/characters
  • Building structures and models
  • Creating cheers or dances