Interpersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal Intelligence

Hi, I’m Popular Peter and I love to be around other people! Those individuals who appropriately and frequently hone in on others’ feelings, display empathy towards others, and interact with others are gifted with interpersonal intelligence. A tenderhearted child may often be in tears on behalf of others. 

How I Learn Best


When teaching me, your objectives should be to incorporate peer sharing, cooperative learning, and group discussions.

I respond best to . . .
· teaching
· collaboration
· interaction

I want to . . . 

  • be in cooperative learning
  • have/provide peer tutoring
  • go to social gatherings
  • do simulations
  • have apprenticeships
  • be involved in academic clubs

Use these tools to engage me:

  • Board games
  • Party supplies
  • Props for role plays
  • Interactive software

Use these techniques to asses my learning:·

  • Class simulation designs
  • Discussion of events, details, facts, etc. learned
  • Demonstration of concepts using people placed in certain ways (act out)