Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Hi! We’re twins; our names are Mathematical Molly and Logical Sherlock. We love brain teasers, problem solving, science experiments, number games, calculators, math manipulatives, math games, and science equipment. 

How We Learn Best


When teaching us, your objectives should be to incorporate . . .

  • numbers
  • calculations
  • logic
  • classifications
  • critical thinking skills

We want to . . .

  • think critically
  • use a logical framework
  • do experiments
  • employ Socratic questioning

Use these tools to engage us:

  • Calculators
  • Math manipulatives
  • Math games
  • Science equipment

Use these techniques to assess our learning:

  • Statistics
  • Sequential cause-effect charts
  • Formulas
  • Quantifications