I’m Here for You

Really. I am. I’m not here to give myself another thing to do. I’m not here to brag about how organized my bookshelves are. I’m not here to confess that occasionally my desk looks like a hurricane blew across it (like it does today).

I AM here to come alongside of you in this homeschooling and organizing journey as a voice of experience and encouragement. But here’s the thing, I can write away to my heart’s content about what I THINK you all want to read and I could be totally off base. In order to provide the most helpful information, I need for YOU to tell me what you want to read here. If you’re interested in organization tips, please be specific about what kind of organization help you need.

So, here’s your chance; hit me with your biggest needs and your toughest questions (about homeschooling, organizing, editing, and writing–I’m no Dear Abby!). I promise to write every single idea down on my “blog article idea” page for consideration for a future post. If you wish to receive credit for posing the question, let me know, otherwise I’ll assume you want to remain anonymous.

Q4U: What topics do you most want to see The Organized Homeschool Mom address?