File Your Files

Did you know that computers can be as messy or more messy than desks? Computers need to be organized regularly, just like desks. You know all those nifty Web sites you bookmarked to look at later? Remember the cool, free e-books you downloaded to read when you had more time? What happened to them? Are they lost in the dark hole of “My Documents” or “My Favorites?” That’s what I thought! That’s why I love folders. Computer folders are a great organizational tool; you can have folders in “My Documents” on your desktop and folders in your favorites online. That way, when you go to look for that great Web site or the short story your seventh grader wrote, you’ll know right where to look. The best way to set up folders is to look at the documents and/or Web sites you need to organize. Decide on several main categories to start with, then start filing. As you file, you may decide you need more folders; that’s fine. I hesitate to suggest a list of specific titles since everyone’s needs are very different and the kinds of files you save are probably different from the kinds of files I save.

Are you ready for your assignment? Your assignment is to organize your files into folders on your computer. Start by organizing your desktop (hint: it should have as few icons on it as possible). Then organize your “My Documents.” If you’re prone to adding a lot of Web sites to your favorites, finish up by adding folders there. Lastly, come back and leave me a comment to let me know how you did! Doesn’t it feel good to be organized and not to spend a lot of time looking for just the right file or Web site?

3 thoughts on “File Your Files”

  1. But it looks like you're having so much fun with your camera! You're getting some great shots, too. Unfortunately, digital cameras do make it way too easy to take tons of pictures. The way I organize my pictures is to make a new folder for each month (ex, Oct 08 – then I make a yearly folder at the end of the year). If you've got too many within 1 month even, you could put subcategories within each month, say 1 for each kid and 1 for each activity. Or, you could make folders for each kid and each major activity, then make subfolders for each month. It will be time consuming to set up, but not hard to maintain. Hope that helps!


  2. First, thank you for the picture organizing ideas. I never thought of that.I am so glad that you had the time to read that \”other\” post. I really enjoyed finding out our similarities.After I wrote that all out I thought to myself, \”Do I really want people to know some of this?!\” The good thing has been finding out things like you shared.Sincerely,Beth


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