Let the Adventure Begin!

Students can have FUN while learning to write a REAL novel and get a high school English credit in the bargain! Sound like a novel idea? Not if you’re using the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum.
The One Year Adventure Novel is for high school students who love to write. It’s also for students who hate to write, and for all those who fall in between. The creator of the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum focuses more on the process than on the mechanics, although those are certainly not neglected. The writing process is broken into small, manageable DVD lessons with workbook and writing exercises to reinforce the concepts. Quizzes are even included, although you are certainly free to eliminate them. Students also study a number of classic adventure novels (to fulfill the literature part of the English grade) to give students direction and goals at which to aim. Online forums give instant peer feedback and support. If you’re worried about piloting your writer through the process because you are not a writer yourself, have no fear, clear guidelines for critiquing and assigning grades are given.
Never has a curriculum been so anticipated or enjoyed as the One Year Novel at our house! I haven’t seen my daughter this excited about school since kindergarten! It is well worth the $199 price tag.

1 thought on “Let the Adventure Begin!”

  1. This is REALLY cool. If anyone is looking at buying this, I would REALLY recommend it because I'm going to be the one using it next year!


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