Heads Up!

Heads Up! specializes in products for struggling learners. Their Frames, Readers, Double-Time, and Top of the Line products are especially helpful for children with short attention spans (ADD/ADHD), or those who are highly distractible. They also help children with visual tracking issues.

The frames block aside a portion of a page so that the child can focus on one or a few math problems (or other task). This can make a whole page of overwhelming math problems seem more manageable. The Readers, Double-Times, and Top of the Lines are variations of the same idea. They block off one or two lines of text at a time and the child moves them down the page as needed. It’s the same idea as using a bookmark or something similar to keep track of where you are on a page. All of these products come in six different colors. Certain colors have been proven to help with sensory issues and attention issues, so you can choose the color or colors you need. These products are very affordable, so you can buy all the colors to see which one your child prefers.
Although my fifth grade daughter does not have visual tracking or ADD issues, she is highly distractible. She was fascinated by the frames and readers. She tried out all six colors (of each product—very scientifically) and decided that the yellow ones suited her best and helped her to focus the best. I asked her why, but she had no other real reason for choosing yellow.
Heads Up! offers many other products to help with a wide variety of learning problems and a wide variety of learning styles. Check out Heads Up!

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