How to Tell If You’re an Organizing Guru

6 signs you’re an organizing genius:

1. You thought of the post-it flag pen first.

2. Your calendar consults you.

3. You label your labels.

4. Your closet is so clean, the skeletons have disappeared.

5. You hold the world record for never losing a sock’s mate in the dryer.

6. You make lists of your lists.

Of course, if you’re totally unorganized, here is your list of ideals to which you need to aspire.

This list was snagged from a recent First for Women magazine. Have they been reading my journal? I just couldn’t resist posting it. Actually, number six is mine. What’s your biggest clue that you’re totally organized?

4 thoughts on “How to Tell If You’re an Organizing Guru”

  1. When someone starts talking about being unorganizd, needing to get organized, or loving organization, anyone in the room that knows me, turns and looks at me with a big smile, as if to say, \”hey! hey! you're needed again!\”. Up until about two years ago, I thought everyone was organized. I thought everyone loved rubbermaid bins, label makers, and post-it notes. I found out I was terribly wrong and now make a living off of that discovery. 🙂 Ain't life grand.


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