Life Happened Last Week

What did you have planned for last week in order to get ready for Christmas this week? Did you get it all done?

My original plan for last week did not include editing the first 2 volumes of The Tutor for the big re-release scheduled for Jan. 15. They arrived in my inbox last weekend. My original plan for last week did not include waiting for an editing job from a different publisher. I was going to start it the week before that. My original plan did not include having my cousin visit all week and drag me out to do impulsive stuff like getting a second hole pierced in my right ear to match the second hole I’ve had in my left ear since college days and going to the mall on the Saturday before Christmas. My original plan for last week included wrapping all the gifts, getting ahead on my blog posts and articles, and cleaning the house before all of our holiday traveling (3 states in 2 weeks = 30 hours of driving).

So, what did the very organized homeschool mom ACTUALLY do last week? In case you didn’t pick up on the clues above, I let the editing jobs sit unopened in my inbox; I left the vacuum cleaner in the laundry room, and most of the gifts are still on a shelf in my closet (ssshhhhh, don’t give away my hiding spot!). Instead, I did crazy stuff with my cousin, watched some fun movies, cuddled a sick child (actually 2 sick kids in turn), and RELAXED.

How would you feel if you’d relaxed with family and friends last week instead of running around like crazy? Yep, it felt pretty good! So, during this super-busy time of year, remember to slow down long enough to ENJOY your family and friends. That’s what they’ll remember years from now anyway, not the fact that your house was totally spotless and that you had a gourmet feast fit for a king (but didn’t have time to sit down and eat it yourself).

If you’re waiting for my true confession, here it is: now that my cousin is on the plane back to Florida and it’s only 4 days until Christmas (2 days until we leave), I am in full panic mode! I have a lot to do in the next 2 days. But, I don’t regret the way I spent last week one iota.

Q4U: What’s on your docket for the next few days? Do you need to make a few changes to your list to include some downtime with your family? Let me know!

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