Goal Check – Jan.

How are you progressing on your 2010 goals/resolutions? Are you ready to cash in your shiny gym membership for a box of Godiva chocolates yet or have you lost that pesky 20 pounds yet?

Since I made my goals public, I thought I’d review my progress so far. Below is my original post, 2010 Goals. The action steps I took in January are GREEN. The steps I have yet to take are RED.

1. Take my writing to a new level.

  • Finish working through An Introduction to Christian Writing, by Ethel Herr, including the exercises.
  • Work through For the Write Reason, by Mary Beth Whalen
  • Send out at least one new magazine article query per month (sent a proposal for several and wrote one e-book for TOS; I figured that counts)
  • Follow up on old queries (I’m going to get to that ASAP!)
  • Put together a working outline, sample chapters, and proposal of The Book

2. Be more consistent with my quiet time.

  • Read through My Utmost for His Highest (again)
  • Keep a daily journal (mostly – I’ve missed only a few days)
  • Read through the book of Psalms

3. Explore the possibilities of more homeschool speaking assignments.

  • Hold a spring paper monster seminar (my house again?)
  • Check on speaking at the HINTS Bookfair this summer
  • Hold another early fall organization seminar (bigger audience/venue)
  • Another exciting opportunity presented itself to hold webinars. I’m currently exploring that possibility.

4. Pursue better health.

  • Follow the elimination diet (Balsam of Peru & Sugar Sensitivity) to find out my sensitivities and allergies (Unfortunately, I think I may have uncovered some other food sensitivities. I’m currently undergoing some tests.)
  • Exercise at least 5 days a week
  • Cut back significantly on processed foods
  • No surgeries, broken bones or major health issues! (I had all 3 last year.)

Q4U: How are your 2010 goals looking now?

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