Schoolroom Makeover

A few weeks ago, I posted several articles to help get us all through the winter season (weather wise and school wise). Here are the links in case you missed them the first time or “Chicken Soup for Mom’s Soul” and “Beyond Blah.”

Anyway, I just know y’all are dying to know what I really do to combat the winter blues, so here’s my true confessions (haven’t had one in a while): I eat chocolate, and I rearrange and reorganize rooms.

This time, the school room got a makeover. This is before:

This is after:

Note that we were able to get rid of one of the desks. That shiny built-in cabinet in the back housed our desktop computer until this past fall, when it died. So, my messy teenager inherited that space (yes–I can close the door on her disaster zone!!), my younger daughter inherited the desk with the hutch, and I kept my desk the same. We’ve got much more floor space and it looks a lot brighter.

Aaahhhh, I love rearranging furniture! Now all I need is some (more) chocolate.

Q4U: What’s your favorite room to rearrange?

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