What do you think of when you think of spring? Warmer, longer days? Flowers blooming? Easter? Green grass? Eggs hatching? I think of all of those things (plus allergies!), but I thought I’d highlight turtles here. 

Turtles are officially reptiles, characterized by a shell that protects it. They lay eggs on land, but many species live near water. Here are some links to check out for additional information: 

Turtle Puddle, Answers to Kids’ Questions (Warning: This site has a link to information about evolution.)
More Pictures from National Geographic
Supplement your study of turtles with a nature walk. See who can be the first to spot a turtle, its nest, or eggs. Have your children draw pictures of the turtles you see on your walk. Enjoy your nature studies!

1 thought on “Turtles!”

  1. Ah that just made me nostalgic. We raised three painted turtles for about 5 years. They sat in a tank next to my kitchen sink and provided me with an amazing amount of amusement considering they were turtles!


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