Homeschool Organization E-Book Published!

I’m so excited to announce that my very first e-book is ready for you to purchase, either from Codex Publishing’s store or from CurrClick! It’s entitled “Organize Your Homeschool” and is mostly a compilation of some of my blog posts, plus a few extras.

Ever wished you could print out a few reminders on how to organize your homeschool? Have you forgotten the top ten organizing tools? Do you need a reminder to work on scheduling this summer? Go buy “Organize Your Homeschool” for only $3.95 and have all of my great tips in one place!

Does it take you half an hour to find the grammar book each morning? Do the kids take five minutes to find and sharpen a pencil? Many people ask, “Why bother to organize? It is too much work!” That has an easy answer: organization equals peace and consistency! In addition, I think that it is much less work to teach in an organized space than to try to find space and tools to teach every day. You reap what you sow: sow peace and efficiency into your homeschool to reap peace and effectiveness.

The “Organize Your Homeschool” e-book shows you how to set up an organized homeschool space, even if it’s your kitchen table. You’ll discover the top ten tools and how to use them. You’ll finally be able to tackle the mountain of art projects and math papers. You’ll learn how planning ahead can save you time and energy without being restrictive, and more.

Yes, I did take some time off blogging last week. I was swamped, and I figured you all would be spending time with your families to celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection. I hope to be back to my regular schedule this week, although I may reduce my posts to two times a week through the spring and summer months when everyone (including me!) wants to spend more time outside.

Q4U: What topic would you like to see in a future e-book? I’ve got several more planned for the near future, but would love to write more for you. Leave me a comment & let me know what types of organizing e-books you would be willing to purchase.

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