Tame the Paper Monster E-Book Available

Some of the most popular posts on my blog are from the Put Paper in Its Place 5-part series. I’ve taken the best of the best, added a few extras, and turned it into an e-book! Get all of my helpful paper organization tips together in one easy, print-ready format. Of course, you’ll have to file it appropriately after you print it out to read!

Have papers taken over your desk? Do you have to throw magazines, newspapers, and old invitations on the floor to find your couch? How often have you forgotten to make brownies for youth group or to sign a permission slip for a field trip? Learn how to Tame the Paper Monster once and for all. In Tame the Paper Monster, you’ll discover what papers need to be saved and which ones can be tossed; you’ll learn the secrets of setting up an effective binder or filing system that you’ll actually use. Organizing guru Bethany LeBedz lets you in on all these secrets and more. Download it now!

It’s available to purchase from my website and from CurrClick. Download it now!

Q4U: Would you be interested in a book (yes, the printed kind with a cover that you hold in your hand!) that covers many of the homeschool organization topics, plus a few extra subjects, I’ve covered here on my blog? I’m seriously considering writing one, but there’s no point if there’s no market. So please, cast your vote!

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