I’m Going to the Fair!

And I want you to join me! As a homeschooling mom, I look forward to homeschool conventions with the same fervor I looked forward to the county fair as a kid. The huge stuffed animals, the impossible ring toss game, school friends I hadn’t seen in a while, dirt up to my ankles, overpriced hotdogs, the scent of greasy food, and yes, the Zipper and the Gravitron, preferably after a funnel cake and a snow cone! Can’t you just hear the vendors offering you a free dart if you buy three? Remember the thrill of winning the first blue ribbon for a craft project or a 4-H display?

Let’s shift that excitement to homeschool fairs (conventions). Imagine the crisp smell of new books, the sound of vendors explaining exactly how to maximize their curricula, and the sight of all those goodies in the freebie bag. Imagine hearing and meeting some well-known homeschool speakers and authors. I’m getting energized just thinking about it already! Imagine being able to preview all of the writing curricula you’re trying to decide between and having the authors right there to explain the differences.

Now, stop imaging and start making it a reality! Homeschool events happen in just about every state. Some of them are extremely affordable, although some of them are a bit pricier. If you can, I strongly encourage you to make the effort to attend an in-person homeschool convention. The personal inspiration is incomparable, plus you’ll have the touch-feely benefits.

I’ll be at the HINTS Bookfair in Matthews, NC (July 16–17). Look for me to speak on “The Organized Way to be Your Child’s Tutor” and “Organize Your Homeschool.” The best part about this fair is that the entrance fee is only $5!! So, if you live in North or South Carolina (or want to travel here), we want to meet you in July. Stop by our booth and introduce yourself.

If you can’t make it to a physical event because of financial, time, or family constraints, how ‘bout booking yourself for a virtual homeschool conference? The only thing you’ll be missing is the smell of new books (only delayed until your boxes start arriving in the mail) and being jostled by other eager homeschool moms. What could be better than attending a fair in your jammies without having to travel anywhere? No need to worry about a babysitter or the laundry. No packing, no gas to buy, and no lumpy hotel bed. The best thing is that the sessions are usually recorded and available to download, so you can listen at your convenience, and listen to a particular session multiple times if you wish.

The Ultimate Homeschool Expo is coming up May 3–7.

Other upcoming online homeschool conventions include The Old Schoolhouse’s The Schoolhouse Expo May 12–14 and Heart of the Matter’s Online Homeschool Conference August 9–13.

Are you ready to eat some cotton candy and enjoy the fair?

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