What Happens

Oops–just noticed that it’s been over a week since I posted anything! So, it’s time for a true confession: that’s what happens when life happens, even in the home of the very organized homeschool mom. I just ran out of time to write ahead, so my blog was the first thing to go.
Maybe that’s the real lesson here. Sometimes it’s okay to let the non-essentials slide for a short season. It’s okay not to obsess about doing everything to perfection all the time to the detriment of, say, one’s mental health and family obligations.
Q4U: What’s the first thing you let slide when you just run out of time or energy?

2 thoughts on “What Happens”

  1. I've just recently started following your blog and have been enjoying it.Since you're being honest and you asked the question, I guess honesty in return is the best policy. The first thing to go, for me, when time is short is the laundry. (Until my dh reminds me that he's running out of clothes to wear and then I have to face the monster that I created.)


  2. I've had to let my blog go a bit off and on. I'm rethinking my homeschool, homekeeping, and time management this week. It seems like I do this a few times per year. I guess I just add on and add on and then there is way too much to do so I scrap everything but the essentials and start over. I'm visiting from the crew forum for the blogwalk. Nice to meet you!


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