Easy Filing

Y’all know how much I love organizing and setting up filing systems, right? In case you forgot, or need a refresher, check out my paper posts (including How to Set Up a Filing System). Well, the good folks over at Smead Products caught wind of my penchant and sent me some great filing products to try out (for free):

Tuff Hanging Folders                                                                        New Heavy Weight Super Tab Folders

My hubby “let” me reorganize his filing cabinet–again. I expect he’ll use it about as much as he did before, but I like the shiny new folders. I love the clear tabby things; they’re very easy to attach and the labels slide right in. The manila folders are cool, too, with the extra large surface are for labeling. Of course, I had to use my labeler to help me work on this project. Please excuse the fuzzy picture quality, but you should be able to see the difference between the new folders and the old, yucky, green folders with the tiny tabs that are falling off.

Be sure to check out Smead’s Facebook page too. Oh, Smead is also giving me a $20 gift card to Target for reviewing their filing products here on my blog, but the opinions presented are entirely my own.

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