How to Set Up a Homeschool Library

2 thoughts on “How to Set Up a Homeschool Library”

  1. Nice post! I need to rethink my organizing. I do not have a school room, so in our basement I have tubs for each subject that hold materials we are not currently using (I am a professional teacher in my \”former\” life before homeschooling, therefore have more school books than most homeschool families). Then books currently being used are upstairs. Problem is, of course, that I do forget about some wonderful resources that are living in the tubs down in the deep, dark basement!


  2. O.K.–I have a question. I know you touched on this once in your post on organizing computer files, but can you please give some suggestions (again) on how to organize e-books or other e-sources that are downloaded on your computer? Do I just need to somehow keep a running list (paper list) somewhere that lists all that is downloaded on my computer in my homeschool file?


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