I Just Can’t Help Myself!

I’ve done it again. I’ve rearranged the schoolroom. Twice in one day, actually. The underlying reason behind this particular need to rearrange is that the sun was still causing a glare on my computer screen during the day.
school room 003So, the first arrangement today consisted of pushing my desk and bookshelf forward to be against the far wall. Of course, I had to move the school supplies shelf, too.
That wasn’t bad; I liked having my bulleting board right in front of my desk so I could actually see what’s on it. BUT, the sun still glared on my computer screen. “Fail, Mom.”
Back to the drawing board. This time, we put my desk perpendicular to the window and my school room 008bookshelf beside it as it has been for a while. This created a narrow hallway between the other side of the bookshelf and the wall (this room is extremely skinny). I’ve been informed that the early morning light will still reflect on my computer screen. We’ll see. Of course, this meant that the school supplies shelf got moved back to its original position, although you can’t really see it from this angle.
Q4U: How is your school space arranged, whether it’s a dedicated space, your kitchen table, or a dining nook?

1 thought on “I Just Can’t Help Myself!”

  1. For now, our teen does his schoolwork at a desk in his room and keeps his books in there with him–unless he needs to use the computer, which is in the basement. He used to do school out at the kitchen counter, until little sister came along and it was not quiet out there! ;)Little sister does school at the kitchen counter, unless we are reading together on the couch. I have some plastic drawers sitting out in the living room that we use as work boxes for her, and (when I am organized!) I will put her assignments in her drawers and she works her way through them.My \”teachers books\” and things for her I keep in one of my kitchen cupboards, and on a cart sitting next to my kitchen desk. Other school materials that we are not currently using are stored in tubs in the basement–labeled \”Math\”, \”Reading\”, etc. I think part of my problem is that our things are so scattered around the house. Would LOVE to have one room dedicated solely to school, but to do that it would have to be in the basement, and during the winter the basement is COLD. I also find that I usually need to be in the kitchen–working on dishes, making food, paying bills at my desk, etc. So when I am not actually teaching our daughter, I am trying to get some of those chores done while she works on her assignments. Soooo. Even if I DID turn the basement into our school room, and use space heaters down there (which we do), I would still find myself needing to do chores in the kitchen. I would love to hear how others are handling this problem. My son is 99% independant, but I am very involved with our 6 year old so really do need to be close by her during school time.


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