Shelf Awareness

So, I’ve had these two shelves in my schoolroom forever. The larger, wooden one has always stored our games. It was garbage picked by my parents, and my dad added the back to it. The smaller, white shelf always had our school supplies such as math manipulatives, art supplies, science kits, etc.
While we do play games, we had many on our shelves that weren’t being used; we also had many outgrown puzzles. And, if someone wanted a game, she had to traipse through the room to the far side to get it. OK, that’s not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes it does matter.
On the other hand, the shelf with the school supplies was overcrowded and unorganized. Yikes! So, I simply switched the contents of the shelves, got rid of a bunch of games and puzzles (is it yard sale season yet?), and reorganized both shelves. Tada!
school room 001school room 005

Game and puzzle shelf.

                                                      School supplies shelf.
Q4U: What functional change have you made in your home or school area lately?

3 thoughts on “Shelf Awareness”

  1. I was just thinking this weekend that I need to reorganize my shelves and use them more effectively. Thanks for the motivator.


  2. Looks like it was a great switch! I really appreciate your taking time to look for writings on organizing school without a permanent school room. I VERY much look forward to next month! I can use all the help I can get in this area.(As a reminder, April starts this Friday–wink!)And, on a different note–I actually have found reading the Bible through in 90 days as EASIER than following a one year schedule. I truely think it is because I knew that if I missed a day reading, I would truely never be able to make it up! Therefore, I was a LOT more faithful about getting up in the morning and getting it done. Whenever I have tried the one year plans, I always end up behind and never get it made up–I think I find it too easy to skip on busy days. So it was FEAR that kept me going–fear of getting behind, that is!


  3. I thought I would respond to you Blog Frog question here to make sure you got my reply. I am SO NOT an expert. I just joined, as it sounds like many have. MY take (which could be completely wrong as I have been in the past) is that it's a social network site that allows you to meet others with the same interests as you and chat about various topics. Benefits to joining? 1. Advertise your blog 2. Make new friends 🙂 Hope to see you there!!


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