My Homeschool Transcripts (review)

my hst

It’s never too early to start on your children’s high school transcripts. Okay, well maybe kindergarten might be a bit soon, but by the beginning of 9th grade, you’ll want to have a system in place. I’ve seen free templates, expensive templates, and instruction books thicker than Webster’s. But the best, new solution I’ve seen by far is My Homeschool Transcripts, written by homeschooling dad Steve Sensenig.

My Homeschool Transcripts is flexible, versatile, and easy to use. It’s an online application that securely stores information for one or more students. It can generate transcripts by year (more traditional) or by subject (for students who graduate early, like mine is). The GPA can be listed weighted, unweighted, or both. You can use it as a grade keeper throughout the high school years with up to four grading periods, or you can input the grades during your teen’s senior year as she’s filling out college applications. My Homeschool Transcripts allows users to input their own subjects and classes. It also has the capability to note whether classes are honors, dual-enrollment, or AP. Track credit hours obtained and credits still needed. Decide how many credits are required for graduation from your homeschool. The printout is crisp, clean, and just what colleges are looking for, with room for your official signature at the bottom. There’s also the option of adding course descriptions to the transcripts if you wish.

I was privileged to be a beta tester for My Homeschool Transcripts and Steve provided the most responsive customer service I have ever seen anywhere. Every suggestion I made, he promptly added into the program. When I had a question that wasn’t answered in the user-friendly, online manual, he texted me from his phone while he was out with his family. Wow!

Here’s the bottom line: It’s FREE if you just want to input data for one child and print it out without saving it. Or, if you just want to check it out. If you want lifetime access—yes, that’s unlimited—to store information for multiple children, print out multiple transcripts, and have access to the best customer service ever, the cost is only an affordable $29.99! Hurry on over to My Homeschool Transcripts to get started today!


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