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What to be Thankful For

What to be Thankful For
By Louis Bromfield

Oh, Lord, I thank You for the privilege and gift of living and a world filled with beauty and excitement and variety.

I thank You for the gift of loving and being loved, for the friendliness and understanding and beauty of the animals on the farm and in the forest and marshes, for the green tress, the sound of a waterfall, the darting beauty of the trout in the brook.

I thank You for the delights of music and children, of other men’s thoughts and conversations and their books to read by the fireside or in bed with the rain falling on the roof or the snow blowing past outside the window.

I thank You for the beauties of the four seasons and of the churches and the houses built by fellow men that stand throughout the centuries as monuments to man’s aspirations and sense of beauty.

I thank You for powers of mind, which find in the universe an endless and inexhaustible source of interest and fascination, for the understanding of so many elements that make life precious.

I thank You for all the senses You have bestowed upon me and for the delights that they bring me. I thank You for my body itself, which is so wonderful and delightful a mechanism.

I thank You for the smile on the face of a woman, for the touch of a friend’s hand, for the laughter of a child, the wagging tail of a dog and the touch of his cold nose against my face.

I thank You for all these things and many more, and above all I thank You for people with all their goodness and understanding which so far outweigh their vices, their envy, their deceits.

Thank You, God, for life itself, without which the universe would have no meaning.

This poem was recited every Thanksgiving as a prayer by my great-grandmother,
Pearl Constance Cramer La Shell
P.S. – You caught me again! I posted this last year at Thanksgiving as well, but it’s so good that it bears repeating (besides, I’m still in the middle of all the craziness!).

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