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The Applications: College Search, Part 8

It’s time. Time for what? Time to start filling out those college applications! After you’ve narrowed down your choices to the top 3-5 colleges, start filling in those applications by mid-summer to early fall of the senior year.

It can be a long, drawn-out process; many colleges have multi-page, complicated applications, with many required components, including essays. Many also require recommendations from teachers, pastors, and/or bosses. Don’t forget to budget for the applications; most colleges charge $25-$50 (and more) for each application.

My daughter’s number one college choice had a 2-page, paper application in the folder she received when we arrived for the visit. She actually filled it out on the spot, but I am positive that the majority of colleges are not that easy. She will be filling out other applications later this summer and into next fall.

This is the conclusion of the College Search series, mostly because this is all the further we’ve gotten. We’re looking forward to the next stages in the process.

Q4U: Do you have any college application tips?

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