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How to Keep Track of Volunteer Hours in High School

High school was scary the first time I went through it (as a teenager). High school was almost as scary the second time I went through it (with my older daughter). I’m thinking that the third time will be a charm. My younger daughter started high school a few weeks ago, and we’re chugging right along.

One important record-keeping aspect of high school that was new to me the second time around was keeping track of volunteer hours. As colleges get more and more competitive, documenting volunteer hours becomes more important.

So, I created a table in Microsoft Word with empty blocks to fill in the dates for when my high schooler completes an hour of community or church service time. I hole-punched the paper and keep it in my Mom Master Binder (part 2 here). Then all I have to do is pull it out once every few weeks and update my daughter’s volunteer hours.

1 thought on “How to Keep Track of Volunteer Hours in High School”

  1. What a neat idea! I have two children, my oldest is just in 5th grade, but my mom is freaking out about homeschooling my sister who is now in high school. So, I am going to be helping her out with it. There are so many things you have to do to prepare for college that I wasn't aware of. Thankfully I found this website ~> LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com. It is a community for parents and kids who homeschool high school. I just found it, but it looks like it may offer alot of support. Anyways, Thanks for sharing that info, I appreciated it :)~Keri


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