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Collecting for College

This coming fall (gulp!!), my older daughter heads away to a 4-year college. You’d think I’d be used to the idea because this is what we homeschoolers work towards for 12 years, right? Well, my heart is not ready for her to go away, but I’ve already started getting her stuff ready to leave the nest.

This is a large, plastic, storage bin. I commandeered it to start collecting the myriad of odds and ends that she’ll be taking with her. Just in case she had ideas of throwing other junk in there, I labeled it. I don’t have the money to buy her all-new stuff in August, so it works better for me to buy things a little at a time. So far, the container has a lint roller and a spray bottle of the homemade cleaner we use.

Other items I plan to add to the container: dishes and utensils (for 1), bed and bath linens, extra personal care items, Command hooks, laundry detergent, a small sewing kit (I can hope, right?), a first-aid kit, and over-the-door hooks. I’m sure we’ll think of other things, too, along the way. I found a really helpful, FREE college shopping checklist at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It’s available on their website at

When August comes, all of her extra stuff (besides clothes and electronics) will be ready to go.

Q4U: Have you sent a child off to college already? What am I missing?

3 thoughts on “Collecting for College”

  1. Well, I guess it is pay-back time. Your mother was not at all ready for you to go off to college either! She will do fine, just as you did. You will survive, just as your mother did.LoveDad


  2. How wonderful and exciting! Our first went of to college this past fall. What a great mom you are by preparing such a box. Maybe some self-addressed stamped envelopes ( home address to make it easier to send you a letter 🙂 ) also include a small box of stationary/ blank envelopes, all season cards, postcards, and a book of stamps, to help her keep in touch with you and others.CONGRATULATIONS to her and you, teacher/mom! :)~Vicki


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