Core Learning = Your Ticket for the Technology Boat!

Core Learning products (CD-ROM programs) make computer learning fun for all ages! The technology boat is cruising quickly through exciting destinations. Don’t miss the boat!

“Core Learning’s mission is to provide effective learning solutions for the development of fundamental knowledge and skills. Its primary focus of skill development is in areas that both support higher order thinking, but also proved important life skills. Products address key elementary and middle school curriculum areas in math, English language arts, health, art, and technology. Core Learning also publishes software to help develop critical thinking skills and maintain mental processing capabilities in young and mature adults.” Core Learning has been the recipient of many awards.

Do your kids love to play on the computer? Do your kids love to create beautiful art projects? Now they can do both with Core Learning’s brand new Crayola Art Studio! It is VERY easy to use and the tools produce realistic images. My kids (ages 10 and 13) continually clamor to use it. The Crayola Art Studio sells for only $24.95. The Corefx super-duper program allows you to draw, paint, animate, and edit photos on three different levels. It sells for $59.95. The new Creativity Express software sells for only $30 and is a COMPLETE visual arts curriculum for grades K to 8. It meets national standards and can be used by multiple students year after year. What a deal! You can download a FREE three-day trial of the Crayola Art Studio here: http://www.core-learning.com/pt_downloadrequest.asp?demo=artstudio&Title=Crayola%20Art%20Studio

The Health Series includes a program for kids and a program for families. Both are family-friendly, interactive, have cute, engaging, animated guides through the body, and cover a variety of topics appropriate for each age group. The Family Health Series offers five volumes: The Body, Illnesses & Injury, Staying Healthy, Becoming an Adult, and Emotional Health. It is $150 for the set of five topics on one CD-ROM, or get an individual title for $39.95. The Kids Health Series (for ages 7–10) offers two volumes: Explore Your Body, and Explore Your Health. It is $39.95 for both topics on one CD-ROM, or $29.95 for a single topic.

The Math and Language Arts series are extensive. Check out their offerings at http://www.core-learning.com/. The math series offers printed workbooks, textbooks, and help guides in addition to the computer programs. These courses are geared towards kids in grades 3 to 8, but may also be used for advanced younger students or remedial older students. The Language Arts series are geared for grades 2 to 6 and are comprehensive introductions and references to English grammar and writing skills. The lessons in all the series are engaging and interactive. Assessments enable exact placement; test results can be printed, and the lessons meet national standards. The CDs run about $49.95 each—a bargain price for a complete curriculum!


The Tutor Review

How do I make sure my children are getting a well-rounded education? Where can I find all the extras that were once standards in a complete education without cluttering my bookshelf and depleting my wallet? The answer to these questions and many more is The Tutor.

The Tutor promises to be a tool to provide “a richer and fuller education experience for [your] children.” It focuses on art, music, geography, classic literature, elocution and more. Every quarterly issue is packed with a wide variety of subjects in each category. Some sections concentrate on one theme (like ants in the Nature section of Volume 1), while other segments have different topics.

But, you may wonder, how many trips to the library will I need to make in order to find the music resources and art prints recommended in The Tutor? None! Your purchase of The Tutor includes two CDs containing all of the referenced music (full-length pieces, not just samples) and six full-color art prints on nice paper by the featured artist.

The Tutor is not dated and not a rigid curriculum. A plethora of information (nearly 200 pages) makes it useful for as long as you wish, although four issues are published each year. Spiral bound books with sticky-finger-proof covers will last for years to come and all age groups will find something useful.

What’s not to like? Nothing. So far we’ve dabbled in the art, music and literature sections and are really looking forward to diving in deeper into other topics. The only thing that would make The Tutor more user friendly is the addition of a more detailed index for easier referencing.

How can you get The Tutor? Check out The Home Educator Tutor Web site. Each issue of The Tutor costs $24.95 (plus s/h). If you prefer to download it, the cost is $15 and includes the art prints, but not the music. The music is available to purchase for downloading separately, though. The bottom line is that The Tutor is worth every penny, just like your children’s education.