Today’s Task

Exercise! Get moving! Work off that pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes! Work off the Christmas cookies you’ll be baking next week!

Yes, now. Don’t wait until January 1. I read recently that it’s better to start something new (like a new exercise program) when your schedule is already in flux because that will cause you to be more deliberate and thoughtful about it. So, what better time to start an exercise program than the month in between the 2 biggest eating holidays of the year?

My usual exercise pattern is 30 minutes on the gazelle and occasionally throwing in a little strength training. I need to kick up the strength training routine now and get a more regular pattern for it built into my schedule. That’s my goal for this week. What’s yours?


The Countdown Continues

Today’s the last day! Six days until Thanksgiving! Thirty-five days until Christmas! Are you ready? I sure am! Well, I’m ready for today at least.

Today is our last day of school before having a week off at Thanksgiving. Yay! The kids aren’t the only ones celebrating :-). I’m going to use next week to make sure my lesson plans for the next month are ready to go, the papers are sorted and put into the portfolios, and the desks are cleaned. Even organized homeschoolers relish a chance to have a little extra time to reorganize and refresh.

I thought I had bought everything I needed to make my share of the Thanksgiving feast, but when I got home from my super shopping trip yesterday, I realized I had forgotten to buy the creamed corn to make the corn casserole and whipped cream. Sigh. You know why I forgot those things? They somehow did not make it onto my shopping list. Even the kids know that if they want something, it has to go on the list or I don’t buy it. I’m only as organized as my list! Moral of the story: make a list and check it twice before heading out to the store.

As far as the Christmas countdown, the answer is yes, I did print out my Christmas address labels and make my Christmas card list. I even have the cards already (bought at last year’s Boxing Day sale). Some night when I’m watching TV instead of writing articles, I’ll put the labels on the envelopes and start writing.

Q4U: What have you done this past week to prepare for any of your special countdown days?