Alphabet Alley

Make your baby’s first toys Christian toys. Teach toddlers Christian values early with toys from Alphabet Alley. It’s never too early to make sure the things that influence your children are educational, motivational, and spiritual. That’s what every toy and game made by Alphabet Alley delivers. Quality, sturdy, adorable products include matching games, wooden stacking blocks, card games, Bible story sticker sets, and puzzles. Fill your kids’ Easter baskets with toys that will emphasize the true meaning of the day. Check out Alphabet Alley’s full line of faith-based toys.


CUTE Noah’s Ark Play Set

One 2 Believe has done it again! Their Tales of Glory Noah’s Ark figurine set is absolutely adorable! The Noah’s Ark set includes Noah, the ark (which opens for storage), and seven pairs of animals (fourteen altogether). Help your kids ages 3+ act out the story of Genesis 6–9.

The Noah’s Ark play set is made of PVC for non-toxic sturdiness. The 3-inch size is perfect for little hands. It also comes with a miniature storybook with the story of Noah in language your little ones can easily understand.

If you’re tired of your kids emulating worldly action heroes, give them biblical heroes with which to play. One 2 Believe has a whole line-up of quality, biblical play sets. The Noah’s Ark play set is only $29.99 and will provide hours of creative play while espousing biblical ideals.

The Cutest Nativity Set – A Review

If you’re looking for biblical, cute play sets for Christmas gifts, look no further. One 2 Believe has one of the most adorable, sturdy play sets I have ever seen. The Nativity Set is a 17-piece set with all the necessary pieces to help your kids learn the story of the nativity. Also included are a mini story book (in English, Spanish, and French) and a guide to help parents recognize the basic spiritual learning stages of children. The nativity set is only $24.99—a bargain for such a quality toy that will last for years to come.

“With Tales of Glory PVC Figurine Sets, children can bring the greatest stories of the Bible to life. Each set contains a mini-storybook and a collection of 3” PVC figurines. The 3” size is designed to fit perfectly in a young child’s hand. Add a Tales of Glory Play-mat to any of the figurine sets and watch your child’s imagination soar.” The play sets are designed for children ages three and up; even older children will enjoy a nativity set that they can touch and rearrange.

Since my kids are older, I suggested sending the nativity set to my niece and nephew, who are much younger, after we finished evaluating it. “No way!” said my 10-year-old daughter. It’s set up in our living room (and will probably stay there until after Christmas) and she has already spent several hours playing with it.

Check out their Web site for their collection of other biblical figurines. One 2 Believe is your solution to toys that promote less-than-biblical ideals. Reinforce scriptural stories instead of questionable cartoons.