All About Spelling–And Then Some

Ever forget a spelling rule? You won’t forget again after using All About Spelling with your kids, and neither will they. I wish it had been available when my youngest daughter was struggling through spelling in first and second grades.

All About Spelling offers a phonetic, multi-sensory, no-fail approach to spelling. It is the most thorough and well-organized spelling program I have ever seen (in over eight years of homeschooling). “All About Spelling approaches spelling as a thinking subject, not merely as a subject for memorization.” It is a great program for tactile and auditory learners, as well as for children with auditory processing disorders. It can be used as a phonics program in addition to a spelling program. It is thorough and reusable for other children in your family. If you want to teach more than one child at a time, just make sure you purchase a separate materials packet for each child in order to ensure complete customization of the program.

All About Spelling costs more than a cheap spelling workbook, but it is well worth it if you’ve got a struggling or reluctant learner. Costs: Levels 1 & 2 are $29.95 each for the teacher and materials packet set. Levels 3 & 4 are $39.95 for each set. The letter tiles (essential to the program) are $9.95. The magnets for the letter tiles (helpful for keeping your tiles organized on a magnetic board or cookie sheet) are $5.95. The phonogram CD is $14.95—this will ensure that each phoneme is pronounced, and therefore spelled, correctly. This item is especially helpful for those who live in areas of the country which have strong accents (i.e., the drawl of southerners, or the dropped r’s of New Englanders).

Bethany’s bottom line: the All About Spelling program is great for beginning readers and spellers; it is very comprehensive and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

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