Need Help Jogging Your Kids’ Memories?

Don’t you just hate telling your kids over and over and over and over again how to do the same simple chores? Don’t you just wish they would actually clean their rooms or clean the kitchen thoroughly with a one-sentence command from you? With Trigger Memory Systems Chore Flip Charts, they can!

Kids get it! Kids remember! With the chore flip charts, the “I forgot what I was supposed to do next” excuse goes out the window. The flip charts include step-by-step, easy-to-understand instructions, and cute illustrations for non-readers. I thought my kids (ages 10 and 13) would be too old for the cutesy flip charts, but they’re not! My 13 year old had my entire kitchen—including the usually overlooked counters—sparkling clean in no time flat. My 10 year old snagged the Laundry Flip Chart and announced that since she was now tall enough to reach the controls, it was high time she learned how to use the washer and dryer. I helped her figure out the specific settings I like to use, but the flip chart showed her the rest. The flip chart reminded her of what to do the next few times as well and I was happy not to have to watch her do the laundry every single time (like I had to do with my older daughter when she learned how to do it).

Individual flip charts (bedroom and laundry) are $7.95 each. The Zone Cleaning Flip Chart is $17.95 because it’s fully laminated. The best buy is the bundle of all three chore flip charts for $29.95.

Times Tales

Wish there was an easy, fun, fast way to get your kids to memorize the multiplication tables—especially the higher numbers? Well, now there is!

Times Tales uses cute pictures to illustrate each number (three through nine, but not five). The basic facts are taught using memorable mnemonic stories and pictures. The stories are so much fun your kids won’t even realize they’re learning their times tables! Most kids learn all of the basic upper-level multiplication facts in two forty-five minute sessions. Times Tales also incorporates the cute illustrations to teach the division facts (they’re just the opposite of multiplication facts). What could be simpler?

Times Tales costs $29.95 and includes the two-part Story Flipchart, Trigger Memory & Regular Flashcards (multiplication & division), Roll ‘Em Cube Game, easy instruction manual, memory story discussion guide, and various tests & challenges. It’s well worth the money if you (and your kids) are tired of doing the same old worksheets over and over again, with little success.

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